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Baby Detergent

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Baby laundry detergent

Our product guarantees safety as it does not contain coloring agents, enzymes or fluorescent whitening agents.

Unlike commercial detergents, we did not add LAS, SLS, SLES, etc. which irritates a baby's skin and causes dermatitis.

Baby laundry detergent
Besides baby clothes, you can use it on lingerie and even in drum washing machines.
Acts as a disinfectant and prevents microorganisms from breeding.
Natural herb extracts increase the sterilization function.

All natural products by developing new products based on advanced technology and providing customers with a clean product,clean water,and clean air, we hope to create a safer and healthier environment.

With our investments in R&D,our technology development group is making the best use of our technology to work towards a first-class product.

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