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Bedding Detergent for Top Loader Machines

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  • MaterialLiquid
  • Standards/CertificateCertificate of Designation as World best small business, 10 various certificates, Inspection Certificate from US FDA, Good Design Award, KS-WCI’s first prize in laundry detergent, KS-WCI’s first prize in fruit and vegetable detergent, E-mark (eco-friendly mark) for dishwashing detergent, E-mark (eco-friendly mark) for Laundry detergent, E-mark (eco-friendly mark) for fabric softener, quilt fabric softener, ISO14001, ISO9001
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  • South Korea South Korea
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Bedding Detergent is a premium liquid detergent specialized for bedding and which prevents house dust mites from causing atopic dermititis.

  • Prevents skin trouble caused by house dust mites
  • Protects bedding color and prevents creases
  • Contains no fluorescent whitening agent and is SLS-free
  • Contains natural disinfectants and uses protease to reduce odors when drying indoors
  • Aqcuired the non-irritant mark from the Korea Testing and Research Institute and the environment-friendly mark from the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute

Ingredients  Sugar surfactant, natural disinfectant, enzymes

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